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        The world-class army, what exactly is it?


        The Chinese nation to step into a new era


        The construction and development of People's Liberation Army also has aclearer goal


        Imagine that our national defense and the armyconstruction would basically achieve modernization in the following 18 years


        andthe post-80s could enjoy the sweet service of our world-class army before retire


        Isn’t it exciting?


        however, there is a question:


        How does the world-class-army look like?

        是这样?(霸权:真理只在大炮射程之内。Hegemony: Truth lies within cannon's range.)

        Like this?

        这样?(互?。耗愠蛏?,瞅你咋地?体现‘专业撕逼’字样。Antagonism: what the hell are you looking at?/Any problems?)


        还是这样?(侵略:中国人进村啦,快跑??!Invasion: Chinese troops are on their way, move! now!)

        or this?


        No No No,These won’tbe the true faces of the PLA in the future


        Chinese people hadbeeninvaded and enslavedfor more than a centurysince 1840


        so we are keenly aware of how precious peace is


        The purpose of buildingworld-class military forces is not to threaten or bully other countries


        We just want to possess the rights of living in peace

        【量中华之物力,结与国之欢心(Beenslaved)/人不犯我,我不犯人;人若犯我,我必犯人(Win-win cooperation)】


        and will unswervingly continue to take a road of peaceful development


        So, how should we do to makeour dreams come true


        Our president  had provided an answer listing below, that is:


        Modernization of military theory


        Modernization of military organization form


        Modernization of military personnel


        Modernization of weaponry and equipment


        Oncethese goals have been achieved


        there will be no problem withlong-rangeartillery supportanddispatching troopsworldwide


        and we can also provide strong backing for beating the internal separatist forces and protecting overseas interests of our people, etc.


        But,for our army


        no matter what we do, we must first talk about revolutionization


        and it is themost outstanding characteristic that distinguish us from old armies and capitalist armies


        What is the meaning of revolutionization


        Revolutionization,in a nutshell


        means to persevere in the Party's absolute leadership over the army


        and to guide the military officers and soldiers with correct ideological idea


        It allows modernization not to lost direction


        and makes our armyincorruptible


        The new journey has begun, and the new era is beckoning


        All the officers and soldiers


        as the key personnel in building world-class-army, do have big responsibility


        We must firmly obey the Party's command; never forget your historical mission


        keep the fine revolutionary tradition alive; practice hard to master the military skill


        and strive to be good soldiers


        Beyond this


        We must strength the nationwide defense education


        consolidate the army-government andthe army-peopleunity


        and cohesion powerful force for realizing the Dream of Strong Nation and of Strong Army


        We can’t build a world-class army without the help ofthe masses


        So whether you are participating inCivil-Military-Inosculation


        or paying attention and respect to our troops and their families


        you are contributing to the the great cause of building world-class army


        and the reward isthat


        wherever you go, and whoever you are


        so long as you are a Chinese


        the most handsome and powerful armyin the universewill offer youthe best protection forever


        Those foreign friends who love China will be no exceptioncertainly



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